Our interior painting process is unrivaled in the painting industry and ensures perfect results every time:

  • We begin by covering furniture and laying out drop cloths over the areas in which we will be working.
  • Next, we patch or fill any holes or imperfections.
  • Then, we sand all of the new patches as well as the entire wall if necessary to remove any debris which could cause the adhesion of the paint to fail.
  • After that, if desired, we can caulk any gaps or cracks in the trim work to create a seamless finish.
  • Finally, we apply 2 coats of premium quality paint to ensure even coverage to create a quality finish.
  • The project manager then inspects the work to ensure it is up to our standards before inviting you to perform your own inspection and provide feedback.


When painting the exterior of a building, there is nothing more important than properly preparing the surface to ensure excellent results.

  • We begin by applying a biocide to the surface to kill biological growth such as mold and mildew.
  • Next, we power wash the surface with low pressure to remove the biological growth, spores, dirt, discoloration and loose or peeling paint. We have hot water capabilities to remove stubborn stains and heavy discoloration.
  • After allowing the surface to dry, we will scrape any loose coating, fill holes and caulk gaps and cracks to create a seamless finish.
  • We then prime all areas where bare wood is exposed to promote good adhesion of the new paint and ensure a long lasting finish.
  • We will apply two coats of a high quality exterior paint with precision.
  • The project manager then inspects the work to ensure it is up to our standards before inviting you to perform your own inspection and provide feedback.


  • We will apply detergents and scrub the surface of the deck while power washing with low pressure to protect the deck from damage.
  • After power washing, we sand the surface of your deck to open the grain and allow deeper penetration of the finish.
  • We will fasten loose boards and make all necessary repairs after discussing them with you.
  • Finally we will apply 2 coats of finish and back brush to ensure long lasting results. As a Benjamin Moore Certified Stain Contractor we guarantee excellent results.
  • Hot water and detergent capabilities allow us to maintain the exterior of your home while preserving its integrity and beauty. We have the proper tools to remove mildew and discoloration from vinyl and cedar siding.


An epoxy floor coating is the ideal solution for preventing stains from grease, oil and grime that will eventually accumulate on your garage floor.

  • Oil, grease, dirt and spills are easy to clean off the sealed surface.

  • They provide a wear resistant, non-skid, non-porous and long-lasting flooring system.

  • You can choose the look that best suits your personal taste by selecting a custom color and chip configuration. With a full line of custom chip patterns to choose from, you can easily find the best options for your floors.

The key to success for any type of coating is the preparation. Regardless of which type of epoxy you apply, the preparation of the floor is very important. Our epoxy floor coatings are applied in four steps:

  1. First, we use a diamond blade floor grinder to prime and smooth the floor to ensure that the coating will adhere to the floor.

  2. Next, we grind out any cracks by hand then fill and sand them for a perfectly even finish.

  3. Then, we coat the surface with a self-priming epoxy and add any colored chips or aggregate if desired.

  4. Finally we apply a urethane clear coat to seal the coating and provide the desired sheen.

The end result is a stunning floor that is easy to clean and maintain.